Get Hired as a Web Developer


    You’ve put in long hours learning how to be a software developer. You know front-end, back-end and everything in between.

    You apply for jobs.. then nothing happens.

    You get a single call back, do your interview, then get passed up. Something is missing.


    We’ll show you how to overcome this obstacle and walk you through every step you need to do to get hired as a software developer.


    How will this course change your career?

    Upon finishing this course, you will know exactly what steps you need to take to get hired, and will have already started completing the steps.

    If you continue applying the principles you learn, you will have:

    • a local network of:
      • developers
      • recruiters
      • business owners
      • IT managers
      • business analysts
      • project managers
      • people who want you to succeed
    • an expansive online professional network
    • a personal brand website
    • a portfolio of applications to demonstrate in interviews
    • the ability to articulate your technical knowledge
    • higher social intelligence
    • the ability to “small talk”
    • be able to hold a conversation with your hiring manager
    • know how to introduce yourself and describe your background


    Before starting this course:

    You MUST be a competent coder. You need to either be self-taught to a moderate degree of competency or formally taught with a CS degree and experience building some applications.

    We’ll help you with everything else.


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